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Impromptu photoshoot?

I can't say I was expecting to be the photographer on that day, but here I was holding the camera. Really funny experience if I say so.

Malay wedding detail close-up shot of engagement ring, dress, and flower

This took place at my cousin's house at Shah Alam -- Approximately 15 minutes from my home. Yasmin, the future bride, is my cousin who is about to get engaged on the day.

Malaysian Malay woman on her engagement day at Shah Alam

I went to the engagement ceremony with my family and was pleasantly surprised that my cousin, Shamil, who is Yasmin's brother asked me to be the photographer because he needed to pick up some stuff urgently.

Of course, I said yes, they were the family that I stayed with over the weekend when I was younger to hang out with Shamil, who was also in the creative industry.

I didn't bring my equipment along so I used Shamil's stuff. It was basically the same thing, with different settings. Took a few minutes to set up but I managed. Luckily everything went smoothly.

Yasmin and her future husband, Amirul has seen my work, and she recommended me to her friend, Leen. I usually try to make my talent feel comfortable with me first and ask them what they are comfortable with and their preferred side.

Group photo of engagement ceremony in Shah Alam Malaysia with photographer

Anyway, hope Yasmin and Amirul have a great wedding and marriage ahead. I am so happy for them!

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