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Photo shoot with Basit.KL

First time working with models. Who are not full-time models?

Fashion/Portrait Photography

You'd be surprise how talented people are!

A little while ago, I had the opportunity to shoot photos for Basit.KL (@Basit.KL on Instagram). It was my first time working with models in a single fashion shoot, and boy was I surprised!

Started on the month of Ramadhan where I was fasting, I had a call from a friend of mine, Hanny. She wanted my service to showcase the Kurta she was selling for the upcoming Eid.

Naturally, I was excited and accepted the job. "Snapping pictures of models? Oh boy, that sounds great!". A few days later, at 6 in the morning, 2 of my friends and I went to Taman Botani Perdana in Kuala Lumpur for the shoot. My friends tagged along because they had free time.

A few minutes later after, Hanny and the models arrived. We had a brief conversation between Hanny and me. We discussed what type of photos she envisioned. We started our shoot with the models just dishing out pose after pose! "Holy sh**", I was surprised how they can be so photogenic from the get-go. "Is this how models are born?" I thought to myself. Shot-after-shot, the photos were coming out great, which made my job easier, unsurprisingly.

Model wearing a kurta for his shoot with Arif Iqwan photography
Haimin the model

However, there were a few snags. Remember how I said it was in Ramadhan? Yeah, it was a hot morning, and everyone was sweating like crazy. The models had to stop a few times to dry off their sweat and to rest up. Everyone was thirsty and wanted a drop of water so bad. But we soldiered on despite the thirst. We were taking photos at multiple locations with different poses.

What amazes me the most is Haimin, the model. He has this elegance in the way he poses. It was soft yet so masculine, poised with no effort. I wish I could be as photogenic as him.

The shoot went on until noon. We finished everything up, and I talked to Hanny about her models. Can you imagine my face when she told me all of the models are not full-time models? I was shocked! I tried taking photos of myself posing, but it took me tens -no hundreds to get a single good picture! To think someone who is not a model being so natural blew me away.

Anyway, if any of you are interested in the Kurta Hanny is selling. You can search Basit.KL on Instagram. The account should be there. Thank you for reading the blog! and have a great day! :)

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Kurta from Basit.KL

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